A large, international, pharmaceutical company


Comprehensive strategic work focusing on What should happen was carried out prior to the involvement of Reforce. Six months into the project, no actual execution or behavioural change had occurred. After six months of execution, the effect was lagging by five months.

Reforce value contribution

Reforce supplied a practical and tangible HOW, including methodology, measurability, process and application.


After five months, Reforce together with the client could demonstrate a 500% increase in strategy acceleration of prioritised KPIs, which contributed to around an 80% increase in profit and revenue.

The number of new strategic contracts increased by 300% and revenue/profit increased by over 10 million US dollars compared to budget.


  • The sales costs for the average strategic account fell by 87%
  • The number of concurrent strategic initiatives increased by a factor of 60
  • Cost reduction accelerated over a twelve month period from 33 to 105 million SEK per year