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About Us

Who we are

Reforce is a Stockholm based international SaaS-company targeting large organisations. Its software, Howwe®, is a proactive tool that helps large organisations to execute better and faster on their strategies by visualizing, steering and measuring the business and strategy acceleration real-time and accurately throughout the entire organisation. By providing the tools and ability to be business agile, Howwe® helps its customers to increase revenues and profits.

Increase revenues and profits.

Ulf Arnetz about Reforce Interernational

What we think

Large organizations are broken. Research shows that 80% of business strategies fail. At the same time 82% of employees want to know how they can contribute to help their company reach its goals.

We think that the user experience of business strategy is broken. Because in order to create growth, strategies need to be understandable and actionable for all. Not just the c-suite.

We’re here to fix that!

We’re here to radically improve the user experience of how business strategies are implemented and executed – on all levels of the organization.

Our GrowthOS Howwe helps them create a shared view and a better user experience through prioritizing, steering and measuring their work in real-time.

“We’re here to improve the user experience of strategy execution”