A global medical technology company


Local and global competition in the medical technology industry had become ever more intense amid fierce competition from cheaper, mainly Asian and especially Chinese alternatives. Another factor was a growing trend to transfer the decision to purchase new medical technology and conduct major procurements from physicians and medical technicians to managements at county councils and hospitals and government officials in charge of central procurements with a strong focus on price pressures. Lead times from initial business contact to revenue-generating contract became protracted, resulting in planned revenues being pushed back. The staff were knowledgeable about existing and new products and enjoyed good relations with physicians but because the decision-making landscape had changed the company was struggling to deliver on the tough internal target of +10 per cent annual growth in a market that was expanding by two or three per cent annually without eating into profit margins.

ReExecute´s value contribution

Reforce was chosen in competition with two global consulting firms to assist the Managing Director for the Nordic and Baltic region in accelerating revenue, cut the time to contract and reduce costs (increase efficiency) in four focus areas through a RaaS agreement. Acceleration KPIs are directly linked to an increase in sales and earnings as well as time savings and reduced costs. ReExecute gave weekly control, acceleration and monitoring system, and introduced the employees in how to succeed in accelerating profit growth, change in behavior, now with new focus, goals and actual contribution in form of knowing exactly what and how to do.


Reforce has increased its sales by 20 per cent in one year and has received the biggest order in its history, worth over SEK 200 million. By working with the CEO and management and through vast areas of the organisation, ReExecute resulted in improvements that were consistently more than the agreed sales and earnings targets. Today the company uses digital goal steering continuously and in a structured manner to achieve success in the market as well as internally in the organisation.


  • Net sales increased by 20% in Sweden
  • The acceleration is +33% for all agreed KPIs
  • The sales cost for the average strategic account was reduced by 56% (SEK 69 million)
  • The time to strategic contract was reduced by 59% compared with the reference case
  • Today the company has relations with decision-makers at 90% of all hospitals and county councils in Sweden