Strategy Acceleration

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The purpose of Strategy Acceleration is to create focus and alignment throughout your organization. Howwe helps teams commit to clear, impactful goals and to be more proactive with work on a weekly basis.

Why does executing strategies often fail?

Let’s start by asking a question: why does executing a strategy often fail? MIT made a study to find out why. They asked the CEO to name their companies’ three most important strategic initiatives, and when they went out into the organizations on different levels asking the same question looking for the same answers.

What MIT found out was that already on the executive level only 51% of asked colleagues could give the same answers. While going down in the organization this problem amplifies, and on the employee-level only 13% could give the same answer as the CEO.

Why is this a problem? While the executives not being aligned is a problem, the majority of employees don’t even know what to focus on, it will be impossible for them to execute on your strategy.

The remedy

The remedy of this problem is to implement Strategy Acceleration within your company. This means that you clear up what’s the most important goals for your organization, define what needs to be done to get there, and align your co-workers to get there together.

This is where the Howwe® way of working comes into play.