An international technology consulting firm


The company operates in a competitive industry where rivalry for contracted technology consultants and the number of sold hours has led to unreasonable price pressures, resulting in low margins and making it difficult to deliver the quality that has been agreed with the customer. Management has for a number of years been working to fundamentally reshape the company and decided to engage Reforce as its acceleration partner to ensure a successful execution.

Reforce´s value contribution

Together with the management team, Reforce formulated a RaaS agreement aimed at accelerating the strategy and controlling and measuring progress while also helping the company to win major new customers in Managed Services. This involves taking overall responsibility for the customer’s delivery and quality while adding more value for the customer as well as the customer’s customer.


During the term of the agreement the company has not only improved its scores in employee surveys but has also achieved a higher operating profit margin and gained around ten major new customers in Managed Services. Leading executives at the company say they now have a stronger focus as well as more time to act as clear, hands-on leaders by controlling and measuring progress and taking a more commercial approach in their relations with customers.


  • The acceleration of the key targets exceeded the agreed KPIs by 28%
  • The operating profit increased by 2 percentage points in the agreed focus areas
  • The employee survey score improved by 45%
  • The entire company feels more confident about the future and is working together to successfully implement the strategy