One of the leading payment solution providers in the nordics

In the last ten years, the competition among payment solution providers has grown massively, with the arrival of more international players, as well as major consolidation in the pursuit of synergies and market share. This has taken place while the company has undergone significant internal changes with an extensive restructuring and a marked decline in both employee and customer satisfaction indexes. The external pressure from the market and the turbulent internal situation has had a major impact on the company resulting in a decline in efficiency, reduced order intake and a serious drop in the profit margin. Moreover, continuously lowering prices became one of the main ways to attract and retain customers, which further squeezed the margins.

ReExecute value contribution

  • Strategic goal steering – by visualizing the progress and driving the company towards its most important goals (MIGs) with actions that support these goals (Acceleration KPIs), the company has created a focus within the whole organisation by linking the overriding strategy to the daily working lives of the management, managers and employees.
  • Proactive business skills – by adding a HOW to a company’s sales methodology and driving the sales progress instead of the sales process, the sales organisation has gone from being reactive to proactive with major increases in its sales pipe and more sales as a result.
  • Internal business skills – setting cross-functional teams that are responsible for developing the strategic service offer based on clearly defined areas of responsibility and a clear mandate, in which each of the roles are to progress prior to moving on to the next gate, as well as specific tools and templates, the company has been able to majorly reduce its time-to-market.

The company has gone from being reactive to proactive in terms of its goal-oriented steering, sales and the way in which it manages its cross-functional teams. The company’s operating profit lies at a steady +35% over budget. The organisation is highly committed to its own development and is well-acquainted with the strategy to reach the financial goals, which fosters individual ownership among each and every employee.


  • Profit: +35% operating profit for the company as a whole
  • Employee index: +3%
  • Customer satisfaction index: +7%
  • Sales pipe: +79%
  • Increased sales: +48%